Ernesto Gaxiola

Sergeant Ernesto Gaxiola began his law enforcement career with the Santa Cruz Police Department where he worked for 3 years prior to lateraling to the Glendale Police Department. He is currently the Supervisor of the Glendale PD Assaults Unit, which investigates all domestic violence/sexual assault cases in the city of Glendale. Prior to this lrole, he was a detective in the unit for six years. There he worked hundreds of domestic violence cases as well as some very high-profile investigations. Sergeant Gaxiola has trained new officers on the nuances of domestic violence investigations, sharing his knowledge on the complexity of domestic violence that he learned as a detective. On the national level, he has presented a class on domestic violence to a national audience at an Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) conference in Atlanta. Sergeant Gaxiola continues to share his knowledge in investigations with the 5 detectives he supervises. He is also a U-Visa administrator and works with victims applying for immigration relief as they cooperate in the judicial process.

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