Vazken Movsesian

Father Vazken Movsesian is a priest of the Armenian Apostolic Church. He has served in parishes from San Jose to Pasadena to Glendale and currently heads the department of Christian outreach and electronic ministry for the Western Diocese of North America. Many of his congregants have been exiled and displaced from their homes because of war, political upheaval and even genocide. Fr. Vazken has created communities and support systems that pass the Love of God to those hurting from these grave injustices. He has organized and led marches and rallies to bring awareness to domestic violence in the local communities. With a group of educators from USC, he has traveled to Rwanda to work with those ravaged by Genocide. Coupled with his personal experience growing up with Genocide-survivors, he founded the “In His Shoes” movement which challenges victims of horrific tragedies to move forward by extending assistance to others, by “walking in their shoes.”

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